Meat Packaging
Flexopack manufacture some of the most advanced Frozen and Breathable shrink bags in the world for meat packaging applications.  These bags offer a cost effective solution to any processing facility.
Our range of frozen and breathable shrink bags offer innovative proprietary and advanced patented technology, ensuring your product arrives in the condition and presentation you expect.
Our wide range of products provide many benefits to you and your customers including:
  • Colour and tinting options differiating frozen and breathable bags from your other packaging lines
  • Eliminate freezer burn ensuring your product arrives in the best condition.
  • High Bi-Directional shrinkage delivering a superior presentation across all product types
  • High gloss and optics, pre and post shrink showcasing the best of your product
  • Wide seal window allowing various material thicknesses to run through the same vacuum system
  • Various grades of material providing a solution for all your product requirements.


Frozen/Breathable Bag