Lamination Films

Flexopack lamination films can be used to provide high-barrier properties to top web laminates as well as bottom sheet for thermoforming applications (trays).

Additionally, they can be used in the lamination process for producing high-barrier FlowPack film for vertical or horizontal flow-wrapping packaging systems.

Flexopack lamination films product range can be laminated against a variety of substrates such as BOPP, OPA, PET, PS.

lamination non barrier flexoLAM  tray1

Barrier Liners

Through our advanced understanding of the co-extrusion process and our material science and in-house research, we have developed an extensive product line of innovative films with high barrier properties.  These films provide excellent mechanical and flex-crack characteristics for liners of the most demanding of applications.


Customized/Applications Specific Films shutterstock 175725260

Multi-layer co-extrusion films are used extensively in both food and non-food applications.

Flexopack has a solid reputation and proven track record in the co-extrusion process, combined with an advanced understanding of thermoplastic resins

We have gained a unique flexibility to create products addressing niche applications.  

Flexopack has a competitive advantage in technical films and custom-made solutions.

Whether it is multi-functional films, biodegradable films or any other structure custom-designed for your specific application, Flexopack is the right partner for you.