Seafood Packaging
Flexopack manufacture some of the most advanced Flow-Pack shrink films in the world for Seafood packaging applications.
Our range of Flow-Pack shrink films offer innovative proprietary and advance technology, ensuring your product maintains maximum shelf-life and superior presentation.
All our films have been designed and tested using Flow-Pack machines. This ensures optimum efficiency and maximum productivity without compromising product quality.
There are many benefits to you and your customers including:
  • High oxygen and moisture barrier properties providing safer and longer shelf-life.
  • Breathable Films to fit all your applications
  • High Bi-Directional shrinkage delivering a superior presentation across all product types.
  • High gloss and optics, pre and post shrink showcasing the best of your product.
  • Wide seal window allowing various materials thicknesses to run through the same vacuum system.
  • Various grades of material providing a solution to all your product requirements.
  • Secondary Seal improving presentation and product yield by reducing purge.



Flow-Pack Non shrink films

Shrink Flow-Pack


Flow-Pack shrink films

Shrink Flow-Pack - Processed

shrink TU series
Flow-Pack shrink film for processed applications