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Your solution for removing water with outstanding results, everytime

Are you tired of inadequate drying results while trying to process your product? Are you using excessive compressed air only to obtain mediocre drying results? Look no further than the Flexopack DT drying tunnel.
Using an 11kw side channel blower as the main energy source for the three air knives inside the Flexopack DT, your product achieves a superior level of dryness. The twin top air knives are height adjustable from 50mm to 200mm, ensuring installation and optimum tuning is simplified.
Compared to compressed air, these blowers use approximately 25-33% of the energy, and will deliver exceptional results.
FLEXOPACK DT can be fully integrated with the rest of the Flexopack equipment range. 

Simply plug and play to install it into any operation.

  shrink unit product idry drying unit
Key Features:
  • Energy efficient (complete machine can run off a 32 amp 4 pin plug) reducing your running costs
  • Minimal footprint 1000mm x 900mm, one of the smallest on the market
  • Height adjustable air-knives customised for your product
  • Sanitary and easy to clean providing a hygenic solution to your shrink requirements
  • T304 stainless steel construction to withstand the harshest of conditions
  • Easy access for routine maintenance