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We manufacture a great variety of films to the highest quality standards.


Each of these products has been tailored to match your specific processing needs and the exact requirements of the packaged good.


Our product range includes a variety of co-extruded structures up to 9-layer, which can fulfill the requirements of the most demanding packaging machines. Our barrier structures include polyamides, or polyamide combinations with EVOH. For special humidity as well as oxygen and odor barriers we have developed co-extruded PVDC structures. All these structures are available to the printing and lamination conversion industry, offering a unique choice of oxygen, aroma/odor and water barriers.


Additionally, a large selection of non-barrier 3-layer polyethylene films, using the most advanced technology and resins, is offered for high quality printing and/or lamination.


The polyethylene range also includes a wide selection of shrink films addressing the growing demand for multi-packs (bottles, cans, or packs of carton) and a variety of films for personal care, tissue and sanitary products. State-of-the-art 6 and 8-color flexographic printing, greatly enhances packaging presentation and consumer appeal. 




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